Distance Shiatsu Healing

gentle, supportive energy work

"I felt safe, held and nourished.

You helped me let go of my stresses

in a way I find hard on my own..."

I have been practising Shiatsu, a form of healing bodywork that connects deep into the muscles, joints and underlying energy (chi) of the body, for 15 years. Recently I have been learning how to transfer many of my Shiatsu techniques for use in distant healing sessions, a truly eye-opening journey for me. It has been amazing for me to discover first hand that it is possible to create a palpable energetic connection even with someone who is miles away.


I use many of the same diagnostic methods and work with the same meridian and point system that I use in a face to face shiatsu but the connection is made energetically.  Just like in-person Shiatsu, distance healing sessions can be deeply relaxing, powerful, energising, revitalising... Each treatment is unique and tailored to you and your specific needs; I 'tune in' to what is needed in the moment.

A session lasts between 1 hour and 90 mins and consists of:

An initial consultation by phone

30 mins distance healing

Up to 30 mins follow up discussion after the session (either immediately

after the session or sometime over the next couple of days)

including time to discuss your experience

and tailored recommendations such as acupressure points and meridian exercises to support your process

For more information see:

Distance Healing Testimonials

Info for Clients

If you would like to find out more or book a session please contact me.

All sessions are currently offered on a 'pay as you feel' donation basis.


"Thank you for your lovely healing session. I felt safe,

held and nourished. In the whole session I felt a lot of sensations in my [body]... and... my mind cleared which is a big deal for me! You helped me let go of my stresses in a way I find hard to

on my own."


"The remote sessions Melanie offers are very beneficial to me. She is able to pick up imbalances in my body without meeting physically, which is amazing. Each time I feel energy moving through my body, clearing blockages and soothing any tensions and pains, making me deeply relaxed. Melanie's skillful and loving healing is supporting me on a deeper level to become more integrated..."


"Thanks again for the session last night. I found it relaxing and comforting. I felt very heavy, in a nice way just like I would if I were having a Shiatsu in person."

Louise B

"Thank you for this beautiful session. I felt held and supported... Through the session I became finely aware of sensations, images and thoughts and I was intrigued to find they correlated to the treatment you gave. Your treatment had an ease, clarity and lightness to it, and I felt deeply relaxed, grounded and refreshed afterwards."

Kate John, Shiatsu practitioner and homeopath



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