Distance Shiatsu Healing

gentle, supportive energy work

"I felt safe, held and nourished.

You helped me let go of my stresses

in a way I find hard on my own..."

I have been practising Shiatsu, a form of healing bodywork that connects deep into the muscles, joints and underlying energy (chi) of the body, for 15 years. Recently I have been learning how to transfer many of my Shiatsu techniques for use in distant healing sessions, a truly eye-opening journey for me. It has been amazing for me to discover first hand that it is possible to create a palpable energetic connection even with someone who is miles away.


I use many of the same diagnostic methods and work with the same meridian and point system that I use in a face to face shiatsu but the connection is made energetically.  Just like in-person Shiatsu, distance healing sessions can be deeply relaxing, powerful, energising, revitalising... Each treatment is unique and tailored to you and your specific needs; I 'tune in' to what is needed in the moment.

A session lasts 30 mins, plus time to talk before and after, if you would like it.

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If you would like to find out more or book a session please contact me.

All sessions are currently offered on a 'pay as you feel' donation basis.


"Thank you for your lovely healing session. I felt safe,

held and nourished. In the whole session I felt a lot of sensations in my [body]... and... my mind cleared which is a big deal for me! You helped me let go of my stresses in a way I find hard to

on my own."


"Thanks again for the session last night. I found it relaxing and comforting. I felt very heavy, in a nice way just like I would if I were having a Shiatsu in person."

Louise B

"Thank you for this beautiful session. I felt held and supported... Through the session I became finely aware of sensations, images and thoughts and I was intrigued to find they correlated to the treatment you gave. Your treatment had an ease, clarity and lightness to it, and I felt deeply relaxed, grounded and refreshed afterwards."

Kate John, Shiatsu practitioner and homeopath



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