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All images and text © 2016 by Melanie Ward

Our life's experiences are held in our bodies...

Our bodies hold the key to our healing...

What is Shiatsu?


Shiatsu is a form of healing bodywork that connects deep into the muscles, joints and underlying energy (qi) of the body.


Shiatsu is based on the same meridian and point system as acupuncture but, instead of needles, I use intuitive, compassionate touch to connect on a profound level.


A range of techniques may be used depending on what is needed and appropriate, from gentle holding to deeply releasing stretches and pressure. Shiatsu can be deeply relaxing, powerful, energising, revitalising...


Although clients often come with physical ailments, Shiatsu works with the whole being rather than just the symptom. Everything that makes us who we are is held in our bodies. When you receive shiatsu all of you is welcomed and held; your history and your hopes, your woundedness and your perfection.


Why have Shiatsu?


Nothing is too small to be an opportunity for growth and healing...

Nothing is too big to be held in the safety of a shiatsu session...


Physical illness, tension, painful emotions, traumatic memories and difficult events can all be opportunities for deep healing and transformation.


When we experience feelings or sensations that we judge to be undesirable we tend to 'close down' around them. In doing so, however, something is lost and we become cut off from our full aliveness and vitality.


Through Shiatsu I can help you, safely and at your own pace, reconnect with what has been lost. These inner resources can give you the power to heal and transform your life.


1 hour, 90 min or 2 hour sessions available.